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Estef Solar

Registered Nutritional Therapist AFMCP 
BA Journalism and Communications

My interest for life sciences started many years ago, when as in my early teens I discovered I had an innate scientific curiosity. I remember falling madly in love with those early genetics lessons in high school, and the cell biology classes on my first year of University. Always asking questions, always fascinated by the beauty in the tiny components of life.

However, soon after starting my Biology studies I realised that, although my curiosity was still the main force behind my academic choices, I was  more interested in using the ability to question and research to learn more about the world, to connect with other people, find the key events in their personal journeys and tell interesting stories. That is why science was put on hold, and how I obtained my degree in Journalism and Communications.

In 2010 I moved from Spain to the UK, where I started the foundation of a career in Advertising… Until the day everything changed. After ignoring the signs for a long time I broke, mentally and physically. About to turn 30, right at the beginning of a promising career, I found myself experiencing the devastating effects of chronic stress and burnout, fuelled by diet culture and a total lack of self-care awareness. I was lost, vulnerable and unable to get out of bed. How was that even possible?

That traumatic episode made me reconsider many aspects of my life, but most importantly, enabled me to see nutrition and lifestyle modifications as life-changing tools for healing and supercharging my health. It was so empowering and enlightening, that I decided to go back to science and study Nutritional Therapy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, where I obtained my Diploma in 2017.

Since then, I have combined Project and Brand Management work in the sectors of sustainability and health with international 1:1 therapy clients; all while nurturing my passion for researching and communicating the impact of food choices on our health and wellbeing. As result of my commitment to helping others and my love for science, I have completed an advanced course on Nutrigenomics for nutrition professionals from the Nutrigenomics Institute (SP), and the prestigious Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) certification from the Institute for Functional Medicine (US).

Estef Solar

Your health matters to me. Make sure you are in good hands before following any advice or making drastic dietary changes. Consult with your doctor and ask for professional affiliations before choosing a therapist.