Food Business Support

What kind of businesses do we work with?

RESTAURANTS & CANTEENS: helping them build tasty, nutritious menus that don’t break the bank and keep customers coming back for seconds.
PERSONAL TRAINERS & THERAPISTS: joining forces to ensure clients are nourished while supporting their fitness and recovery goals.
CHILDMINDERS & CARERS: ensuring they use easy to follow, life stage appropriate recipes to support their client’s nutrition while on their watch.
PRODUCT DEVELOPERS: building up a sound nutritional basis for their recipes, and adding value to their marketing.

Do you work in another industry but want to add some evidence-based Nutrition to what you do?

We are open to collaborations with local businesses, young entrepeneurs and not for profit organisations.

Give us a call or email us to arrange an informal chat about your business and how we can help you improve your customer’s health – one meal at a time!